We strive to endow software with considerate, reliable, and intelligent agents of people’s interests, beliefs, and behaviors
Carlos Araya
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
AI PhD, MSc Computer Science, MEng Operations Research. Founder and investor: Mobilize.net, UCenfotec.ac.cr, SimMachines.com, and several other ventures. His visionary and  inspirational projects are shaping communities and businesses worldwide.
Luis L. Pérez
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
PhD, MSc Computer Science. Extensive experience in software development for large-scale data processing, machine learning and analytics in general.
Max A. Freund
Scientific Advisor
Professor of Philosophy, University of Costa Rica. Max’s work on reasoning and logic has been instrumental to our R&D. Amongst his key works are The Logic of Sortals, a Conceptualist Approach (2019) and Modal Logic: Introduction to its Syntax and Semantics (2008) with Nino B. Cocchiarella.
Darr Aley
Business Development
Direct collaborations with Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Owen Van Natta in areas that include mergers and acquisitions, business development, strategy, and operations.  As an entrepreneur he has started, invested, and/or joined companies in every stage of development (napkin to IPO) and seen them through to billions of dollars in exit value.
Kirk Bradley
Strategic Advisor
Executive Technical Advisor at Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).  He is one of the original technologists and among the longest serving employees of Oracle.
In 2012, based on several years of research in AI, the concept of building a highly scalable machine learning and deduction engine able to capture customer's beliefs and behaviors was born. At the end of 2014, Singularities took form with several POCs and began developing an industrial level platform (Aleph) for large collections of multiple personalized actor models (agents). For three years, Singularities applied Aleph in diverse scenarios.

Convinced that AI solutions need deep understanding of its space of application, in 2019, Singularities moved on to build full products based on the Aleph platform for supply chains and personalization in consumer finance.  In 2019, the USPTO admitted for issuance our first patent (U.S. Patent Pending No. 14/940,007 - “Belief Data Model Management Service”) on belief systems.