Aleph Optimizer for Supply Chain (OSC)

Deliver the perfect order, every time

With ever increasing consumer expectations and supplier requirements like OTIF baselines, supply chains must be preemptive instead of reactive in order to stay competitive.

Delivering perfect orders is not only a goal, but a requirement.

Aleph OSC is an AI agent-based supply chain solution that analyzes the current state of your supply chain actors and suggests the best usage of your resources to maximize OTIF deliveries, minimize backorders and reduce operational costs.

Win early, evolve faster

Get actionable insights in a matter of weeks to significantly improve your metrics and win quick ROIs.

Enable your team to start focusing their efforts on enhancing your supply chain instead of maintaining it.

Connect to any ERP and get started today

All you need is a description of your network and business requirements, orders, inventory and production plan. No overly-complex, expensive deployment projects required.

Our AI-powered optimization platform finds opportunities, improves service levels and minimizes operational costs, backorders and unnecessary efforts.

Immediate results

Aleph-based solutions are simple to prove and deploy, requiring only the most elementary forms of data (such as company ERP relational databases) during the earlier stages of development.


Once a stable basic solution has been obtained, Aleph integrates additional data sources seamlessly, improving the capabilities of existing agents or introducing new agents into the environment.


Aleph agents provide a unified and powerful view of the different models, behaviors and operations pertaining to a given real-world actor. Additionally, diverse kinds of agents participate and interact in the solution.


Taking full advantage of the latest distributed data processing, storage and computation technologies, Aleph is capable of ingesting large and diverse amounts of data to build, store and query multiple machine learning models, run optimization algorithms on vast problems and make rational decisions that require extensive computational power.


Supported by sound mathematical principles, Aleph agents make rational and informed decisions, produce optimal solutions and make precise predictions.